Erik McCoy reached higher speed than Alvin Kamara on 52-yard touchdown

Erik McCoy may have missed his calling.

The Saints center had a key role in running back Alvin Kamara‘s 52-yard catch and run on Sunday night, hustling downfield to throw a block that helped fuel Kamara’s quest for the end zone.

According to the NFL’s NextGenStats account on Twitter, Kamara never moved faster than 15.28 miles per hour as he weaved through traffic en route to a touchdown. McCoy reached a maximum speed of 16.22 miles per hour.

Although McCoy deserves praise for his effort and Kamara deserves praise for his skill, the Green Bay defense deserves a public finger wag and/or a private film-room tongue lashing for lollygagging when they should have been tackling Kamara. It looked a little like Patrick Mahomes‘ touchdown run against the Titans in the 2019 playoffs, when he weaved deliberately through Tennessee defenders who seemed to be far more confused than determined.

The Saints will need more of those kinds of plays, at least until Michael Thomas comes back — and possibly beyond, if they hope to turn a 1-2 start into a division title.